There are many ways to be involved at New Castle Ministries.

If you would like to become a part, please speak with someone in leadership.


Prayer takes many forms at NCM. There is an intercessory prayer team, ministry team, and more.

youth ministry

We believe that children mean life!

At NCM, we have a nursery, children's ministry, and youth ministry.


NCM has a large heart for missions.

We support local, national, and international missionaries and organizations.


We want to honor God with all that He has blessed us with, and that includes being a good steward of the church building and property.

worship/technical arts

Worship in all its forms is needed.

At NCM, we have a worship team, and encourage participation.
We also have a sound and media department. 


Food and fellowship go together at NCM. We offer weekly meals before Bible Study, monthly potlucks, and offer help for families in need.