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Most services begin at 10am or 7pm with prayer and a time of corporate worship. We provide an opportunity for communion, giving of our tithes and offerings, and ministry through prayer. 

Childcare and children's ministry is available during the service, though we do encourage everyone stay together during worship.

While we follow a schedule, we also allow the Holy Spirit to guide us during our services, and sometimes that means doing things differently. Expect the unexpected!


Spending time in worship is special not only at New Castle Ministries, but also in our day-t0-day lives as Christians.

During our services, we spend time in praise and worship with music and encourage everyone to participate.
Coming together corporately is a powerful way
to worship our God and Savior,
and encourage and edify each other.

We sing contemporary songs led by a worship team.
There are flags, banners, and prophetic symbols that
people are free to use during this time.

Praying in the Spirit- or praying in tongues- also occurs during worship and prayer. There may also be altar calls and times for ministry if the Spirit leads- this can include laying on of hands, falling out in the Spirit, and prophecy.


We want everyone who comes through our doors to feel comfortable and at home. Come as you are!

Don't worry about what you should wear. We are casual, but wear whatever you feel comfortable in. We only ask that it is modest.

We have a nursery and childcare available during the services, as well as Sunday School for children under the age of 12. We encourage youth ages 12 and up to stay with the congregation during the teaching.

If you would like prayer or wish to talk to the Pastors,
don't hesitate to speak to someone on the ministry team.


New Castle Ministries is a non-denominational,
full-Gospel Christian Church.

We believe and operate in the gifts of the Spirit- including praying in the Spirit, prophecy, prophetic acts, and ministering to others through prayer and impartation with laying on of hands.

Read our entire Statement of Faith here
if you would like to learn more.